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Elections 2012 Results

The official results of the General and Municipal Elections 2012 are in and we’ve got it all laid out for you. The results show that only 61% (108,753) of registered voters turned out to cast their votes.  The UDP has secured 17 of 31 seats and the PUP 14 of the 31 seats, thus returning the UDP to power.  In addition, the United Democratic Party has won all 11 seats in the Belize City Municipal elections.

We take this opportunity to congratulate the United Democratic Party on their victory and welcome the successful candidates of the People’s United Party.


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past results
past results


Drawing Date:
Monday 20th April 2015

9 1 2

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Drawing Date:
Saturday 18th April 2015

14 24 27 29 26   Q

Jackpot: $207,000

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