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Join a team and take out the other bad eggs.


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Bridge Tactics 2

Bridge Tactics 2(0)

Play Ambush the enemy by placing dynamite on the bridge and blowing it up at the right time. Instructions: Mouse controlled. Bridge Tactics 2 is Powered by Kizi Games

Zombie Truck

Zombie Truck(0)

Play Flee the zombie infestation as two brothers with a truck and lots of ammo. Zombie Truck is Powered by Kizi Games

Blow Things Up! 2

Blow Things Up! 2(0)

Play Blow evil things away using well placed bombs. Blow Things Up! 2 is Powered by Kizi Games

Sieger: Level Pack

Sieger: Level Pack(0)

Play Play through fan created levels of the popular Sieger game. Instructions: Mouse controlled. Sieger: Level Pack is Powered by Kizi Games

City Siege 2:Resort Siege

City Siege 2:Resort Siege(0)

Play The terrorists have taken over a beach resort. Recruit a squad of different soldiers and deal with the threat. City Siege 2:Resort Siege is Powered by Kizi Games

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past results
past results


Drawing Date:
Monday 27th April 2015

0 3 9

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Drawing Date:
Saturday 25th April 2015

12 3 8 2 33   G

Jackpot: $219,000

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