Get Your Next Job on, the first of its kind in Belize, was developed as a jobboard to bridge the gap between employers and prospective employees.  It serves as a portal where employers can post vacant positions and receive a larger amount of interested qualified applicants in half the regular response time.  Our built-in forms facilitate the application process by forwarding completed applications directly to the employer within minutes.

The portal allows users to create user accounts that will allow them each to access their own environment and data showing search specific criteria such as salary scale, education level, and so on.  Our ingenuously designed portal allows for easy data collection and storage which helps our users to wrap up the recruitment process comfortably and quickly.

Bridge Belize

Bridge – Linking Employers and Job Seekers

Job seekers can create a user account, edit their profile, submit and edit individual résumés and respond to posted vacancies for which they are specifically interested and qualified without ever having to leave their home.  Likewise, employers can also create an account and post existing vacancy announcements, re-list vacancies once they expire, receive and review job applications and résumés all in one place — with a paperless trail; thus, lessening the chances of losing pertinent documents from a successfully qualified applicant.  Employers have the choice to search for their ideal candidate from the résumé database specifying various options and parameters to narrow their search.

This portal also offers invaluable information and tips on building a winning résumé, conducting a successful interview, do’s and don’ts for an interview, dressing for an interview, and much, much more. allow users access to a completely free and interactive recruitment platform accessible from anywhere in the world.  We have also integrated a share button on each job listing page so that both employers and jobseekers with Facebook accounts can “like” specific job vacancies and get the word out faster.  It is also easy to add your Twitter account so potential jobseekers can follow your business and stay updated when new jobs are posted.

Visit today and bridge the employment gap!


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Canada Draws Belize for Round 3 in 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

Canada Draws Belize for Round 3 in 2018 World Cup QualifiersComments Off on Canada Draws Belize for Round 3 in 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

Canada drew Belize as their round 3 competitor for the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers in Russia. Canada currently ranks at number 103 versus Belize at number 118. The two countries will compete in a series of 2 games (the first at the BMO Field in Toronto and the second at the FFB Stadium in Belize). The

Mediterranean Fruit Fly Found in Southern Belize

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The Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Ceratitis Capitita, is a devastating insect that lays its eggs inside of host fruits. The average life-cycle of the Fruit fly is 25 days and each female Fruit fly is capable of laying more than 300 eggs. There are over 300 host fruits that the Mediterranean Fruit Fly can infest. Example

Launch of the 5th Anniversary Edition of Flavors of Belize

Launch of the 5th Anniversary Edition of Flavors of BelizeComments Off on Launch of the 5th Anniversary Edition of Flavors of Belize

The highly acclaimed Belizean cookbook, Flavors of Belize, is now 5 years old and its 5th anniversary edition was launched on July 23rd at the Biltmore. The cookbook celebrates local cuisine and is filled with colorful pages of local recipes, restaurants in Belize and travel information. The brand was created in 2010 by Tanya McNab

Belize Cancer Society Gets Generouse Donation from BSSB

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The Belize Social Security Board (BSSB) gave a generous donation to the Belize Cancer Society of $370,000. The donation is to financially assit children and women afflicted with cancer. The Belize Social Security Board is teaming up with the Cancer Society and the Ministry of Health to undertake this initiative to aid cancer patients all

Be A Belizean Traveller

Be A Belizean TravellerComments Off on Be A Belizean Traveller

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) wants you to be a Belizean Traveller and explore all the adventures that await in your own back yard. With their new “Discover how to be a Belizean traveller” campaign, the BTB in association with their local shareholders have created a great discount package for Belizeans to travel to top

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