The Mestizo

The Yukatec Maya are increasingly calling themselves Maya Mestizo. It is a reflection of the changes that they have been undergoing as a people. While many speak Spanish, their food, religion and many aspects of their culture is mixture of Maya and Spanish influences. Are they different from the Maya or the Mestizo? It depends how cultural groups are defined. It is by blood or by socialization? There are many cases of Maya parents production Mestizo children. In the 2000 census the Yucatec Maya numbered just 1.4% (3,155) of the population down from 3.1% in 1990 census. Where did the 2% go? Most likely they classified themselves into another category.


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past results


Drawing Date:
Friday 28th August 2015

6 3 9

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Drawing Date:
Thursday 27th August 2015

18 2 38 19 20   D

Jackpot: $222,000

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